Stem Cell Core Facility (La Jolla)

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Overview of Services

The Stem Cell Core Facility (SCCF) at the Sanford Burnham Research Institute provides scientist’s within the Sanford Stem Cell Consortium an area to conduct their research that is devoted entirely to Human stem cells and that is conducive to collaborative partnerships.  

The SCCF also provides researchers with a source of both approved and non-approved embryonic stem cell lines, induced pluripotent stem cell’s, cell-line profiling services, reagents, and instruction for all areas regarding the maintenance, differentiation and manipulation of stem cells. The SCCF has also just completed a CIRM funded renovation and expansion that allows us to increase greatly the products and services that we can offer the members of the Consortium.


Yang Liu, PhD | Facility Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

9 am - 6 pm

Building 7, Room 7122A


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Yang Liu
Facility Director