Metabolomics (Lake Nona)

Overview of Services

The Metabolomics Facility supports research programs by providing expertise and equipment to perform metabolite profiling. 


Targeted metabolomics: Assay modules are available for quantitative measurement of acylcarnitines, amino acids, and organic acids in cellular extracts, plasma, or tissue specimens using mass spectrometry.  The mission of the metabolomics core facility is to perform the assays and assist in the interpretation of the results.  Other metabolite assay modules will be developed and validated in response to the emerging needs of SBMRI investigators.


 The Metabolomics Core Laboratory at Lake Nona currently performs targeted metabolomics using the following assay modules:


  • Acylcarnitines (products of fatty acid and amino acid oxidation);
  • Organic acids (TCA cycle intermediates; products of glucose and amino acid oxidation),
  • Amino acids, including urea cycle intermediates.


Quantitation of these analytes by mass spectrometry is achieved by addition of known quantities of stable isotope-labeled internal standards to an array of sample types, including extracts of cells in culture, as well as bodily fluids and tissue extracts of model organisms and human subjects. These modules provide crucial information about metabolic pathways involving the three major classes of nutrients: lipids, carbohydrates, and protein.


Christopher J. Petucci, Ph.D., Facility Supervisor

Stephen Gardell, Faculty Advisor


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

6400 Sanger Road Orlando, FL 32827

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