Protein Production and Analysis Core (Lake Nona)

Overview of Services


The Protein Production Core Facility at Lake Nona is dedicated to function as a full service and shared resource facility providing custom protein production and analysis expertise to Sanford Burnham investigators and throughout the scientific community. With the availability of specialized protein production scale up services including consultation, technical support and optimization of production runs, the core offers state-of-the-art facilities with bioprocessing capabilities that meet the needs of clients alongside the highest quality standards. The Protein Production core facility offers protein expression services based on 3 recombinant platforms consisting of mammalian, microbial and insect based systems.  In each case a small scale test expression, expression optimization, and large scale expression package can be provided.  The primary expression systems used are E.Coli, suspension based CHO or HEK293, and Sf9 insect cells. With the ability to utilize three platforms the core can produce a broad range of proteins for a variety of downstream applications with operations going from research lab based protein yields to scaled up protein production yields using pilot scale bioreactor/fermenter systems.  With the implementation of advanced biochemical engineering techniques protein yields can be significantly increased.


Our analytical services are focused on biophysical characterization of structural and functional properties of proteins using several methods including the latest surface plasmon resonance techniques. We can perform quality control of protein samples and measure protein-protein interactions. The Core can also assist in experimental design using advanced statistical optimization techniques.



Protein Production Core Policy:


Due to the customized nature of protein productions, all protein production service fees are charged in advance and once a production is initiated there will be no refunds. However, subsequent services will be discounted less the amount of the actual labor and expenses on the previous cancelled project.


Cell culture and protein expression can have varying time frames and successes depending on the product required. Thus we can not guarantee soluble protein yield. The Core will explore varying expression strategies with the goal of maximizing soluble protein expression. Purified protein yield depends on expression level and preparation used.  The detailed results will be delivered to the customer for every project.


For all training services the service fee is charged in advance. Fees for the instrument usage and sample analysis are charged after the service is provided while fees for the sample analysis are charged strictly on the bases of time involved in conducting the experiment. Sample handling fee will be charged if additional steps are necessary to perform the experiment (protein concentration measurement, buffer exchange, sample concentrating, etc.).



Darrin Kuystermans (PhD) | Protein Production Core Manager


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

 8AM to 5PM    


6400 Sanger Road, Orlando, FL  32827



Name Role Phone Email Location
Darrin Kuystermans
Core Manager


Name Description Price
1. Protein Production Project Request    *
2. Equipment Training 

To be trained on the ITC, ProteonXPR36-SPR, or the UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, please complete the form. 


The core will notify you of your training dates.

1. <i>E.coli </i>expression trials, per construct    *
1. Baculovirus, virus production, per construct    *
1. Cloning/Vector Engineering, per construct (Plasmids at 20ug)    *
1. Consultation training, data analysis, per minute 

Cost Per Minute

1. ITC experiment, per titration     *
1. ITC training    *
1. Mammalian expression trials, per construct    *
1. Pellet/Lysate protein purification (tagged constructs) up to 200ml    *
2. Cloning/ sequencing, each additional 500 bp    *
2. Insect expression trials, per construct    *
2. ITC use, daily 

Daily Rate

2. Pellet/Lysate protein purification (tagged constructs) 200ml to 1L    *
2. Protein production from <i>E.coli</i> 1L culture    *
2. Protein production in mammalian cells, from 500ml culture    *
2. ProteonXPR36-SPR experiment, per SPR array used    *
2. Supplies    *
3. Insect Cell Pellet Production, per liter    *
3. Outsourced service    *
3. Pellet/Lysate protein purification (tagged constructs) each additional liter    *
3. Protein production from <i>E.coli</i>, each additional liter up to 8L    *
3. Protein production in mammalian cells in bioreactor, 2 liter    *
3. Size Exclusion Chromtagraphy for Multi-Angle Light Scattering (SEC-MALS)    *
3. UV/Vis Spectrophotometer training    *
4. Protein production from <i>E.coli</i> in SIP fermenter, 30L    *
4. Protein production in insect cells, from 1 liter culture    *
4. Protein production in mammalian cells in bioreactor, each additional liter up to 10L    *
4. Protein purification, optimization, <i>E.coli</i>, per construct    *
4. ProteonXPR36 -SPR training (includes array costs)    *
5. Protein production from <i>E.coli</i> in SIP fermenter each additional liter up to 50L    *
5. Protein production in insect cells in bioreactor, 2 liter    *
5. Protein production in mammalian cells in bioreactor, at 25L    *
5. Protein purification, optimization, insect cells, per construct    *
5. ProteonXPR36 -SPR use, weekly (array not provided) 

Weekly Charge

6. Cell pellet production, <i>E.coli</i>, per 1 liter    *
6. FPLC use, daily without columns    *
6. Protein production in insect cells in bioreactor, each additional liter up to 10L    *
6. Protein purification, optimization, mammalian cells, per construct    *
7. FPLC purification, per sample with 1x5ml column    *
7. Protein production in insect cells in bioreactor, at 25L    *
8. FPLC purification, per sample each additional 1x5ml column    *
BD FACS Caliber Training (per minute)    *
Charge for data analysis on instrument computer (per minute)    *
FACS Caliber Sort Training (per minute)    *
Falcon Filter Tubes (Each)    *
Falcon Filter Tubes (per Bag)    *
Falcon Tubes w/caps (Each)    *
Falcon Tubes w/caps (per Bag)    *

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